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Investment Banking Initiative Aimed at Real Estate Tech Firms

Phil Hall
Nov 05, 2019
Photo credit: Getty Images/SasinParaksa

Zelman & Associates, a New York-based institutional research advisory and investment banking firm, is starting an initiative to provide investment banking services to companies within the real estate technology sector.
The company stated that real estate technology–also known as PropTech–encompasses thousands of start-ups offering products and services ranging from buying and selling homes via online platforms to smart home applications. Scott Rednor, a former Zelman vice president, will return to the company as a managing director in charge of this effort.
"The real estate industry is in the midst of a seismic shift as traditional real estate operators and markets are being impacted by the wave of technological innovation and real estate venture investment," said Ivy Zelman, CEO and co-founder of Zelman & Associates. "As leading experts on all aspects of the housing market, creating a new platform that is exclusively dedicated to advising our extensive operator network and institutional investors on the expanding real estate technology universe is a logical extension of our traditional investment banking services as well as our flagship research franchise."

Nov 05, 2019
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