OptifiNow Launches New Custom E-mail Marketing Tool

OptifiNow Launches New Custom E-mail Marketing Tool

April 3, 2020
OptifiNow has announced an integration with call center solution provider DoublePositive
OptifiNow has announced the release of My Touchpoints, a new feature that enables users to quickly create branded, professional marketing e-mails and instantly send to targeted lists of recipients.
“Businesses need to get their message out to prospects in a targeted and efficient manner,” said John McGee, chief executive officer and founder of OptifiNow. “My Touchpoints allows every salesperson to be their own marketer. Salespeople know their customers best and My Touchpoints lets them create powerful custom email messages with just a few clicks.”
My Touchpoints creates custom e-mail marketing messages in three simple steps. Users select from a library of images, choose from three different layout templates and type in their desired text. Users can create and save a library of e-mails to provide them with a range of custom marketing messages. In order to maintain brand consistency and monitor messaging, My Touchpoints can be setup with a compliance review process that allows managers and marketers to preview and approve e-mails before they can be sent.
Once a My Touchpoints custom e-mail has been created, it can be sent to a single recipient or in batch to a large list using OptifiNow’s “One Touch” e-mail feature. Targeted lists of recipients can be created to allow users to hone their message to a specific segment.
“E-mails are an effective way to reach out to prospects and customers,” said McGee. “The challenge is that most e-mail marketing systems are complicated and require a level of expertise that salespeople don’t have the time to learn. My Touchpoints simplifies the process but still allows users to create marketing e-mails with a professional look, improving the impact of their message.”