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Mortgage Moms: Vacation or Workaction?

Back in the day there was no way to check-in with the office.

Ashley Gravano
Ashley Gravano
A mortgage mom works from home in an almost vacation-like setting.

If I were in a room with all of you and asked who completely unplugs for vacation, how many of you would raise your hand? I would guess less than 25%. I personally prefer workcation!

We see photos on Facebook and Instagram, we “pin” articles on Pinterest of places to add to your bucket list. We create these fantastic itineraries. Time away from the office is to relax and see the world. Your mind and body need that time off, yet so many of us still take the work with us.  

Back in the day there was no way to check-in with the office. No Slack, TEAMS, or email.  When you returned to work after your much-deserved time off, you caught up. Today, most jobs allow you to stay connected and “work from anywhere.” Is that a blessing or a curse? There is no right or wrong answer. 

Here is what our Mortgage Mom’s had to say in this issue — majority ruled with Workcations! 

“I love what I do and vacation better when everything is running smoothly. There’s no right answer in my book and it’s a choice we actively make in accordance with what brings us peace of mind. It’s all about fine tuning that balance and really being present with whatever I’m focused on at that moment, be it enjoying the beach with my family or catching up on work in the hotel room. Now pass me a cool drink as I daydream about that beach!”
—Laila Kahn, AVP Marketing and Communications with Guidance Residential. 

“I was a 100% ‘workcationer’ until last summer, when my family went for over a week to a remote cabin with no TV and no promises of a functioning Wi-Fi signal. I had no choice but to disconnect from work and — shocker — nothing catastrophic happened! I didn't even have that much backlogged email to slog through. The biggest eye-opener was how I could physically feel my body relax over the course of that week and, in direct relation, watch my stress level decrease. I now know that workcations are a big lie (like multitasking): you end up neither really focusing on work nor truly vacationing. I will still take urgent phone calls on vacation, but in order for me to perform at my best when I return to work, I need to have an actual vacation to recharge.”
—Jen Smith, Senior Advisor with STRATMOR Group

“Workcation allows you to change your view and probably find some peace (maybe working remote looking at the beach) while unwinding for dinner in a different town/food scene perhaps with your family/friends. Luxury of not coming back to email jail or unexpected issues.”
—Sherry Graziano — Head of Digital Commerce with Truist

If you choose a workcation: Create balance and set boundaries. 

Set a timer. That quick check-in can quickly turn into an hour (or more). 
Schedule work time. 
Take only urgent calls.
Make sure your employees or co-workers understand your schedule. 
If you choose vacation: Truly disconnect. 

Leave the country or head to a place without Wi-Fi access.
Leave your laptop at home. 
Temporarily delete your work email app on your cell phone.
Let all calls go to voicemail and call the person back if it cannot wait. 
Set your out of office on your phone and email with clear instructions for those trying to reach you. 
Whatever option you choose, enjoy those moments away and take lots of pictures! YOLO, right?!

This article was originally published in the Mortgage Women Magazine August 2021 issue.
Ashley Gravano
Ashley Gravano

Ashley Gravano is vice president of product solutions at Mortgage Cadence.

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