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New Podcast Highlights Brokers' Journeys To Success

Mike Savino
Jun 07, 2022
Build-A-Broker: The Journey logo overlayed on a yellow waveform

Twice-a-month conversations include advice, personal stories

Every broker has a story. 

How did you get into the industry? How did you carve out a place in an ever-changing industry?

“Build-A-Broker: The Journey,” a new twice-a-month podcast presented by Mortgage News Network, tells those stories. 

Host Andrew Berman talks with mortgage brokers about how they’re using personal experiences and skills to help customers achieve their dreams. 

“In the mortgage industry, the brokers are like the destroyer in the naval fleet — quick and nimble and able to adapt to market conditions,” Berman, head of engagement and outreach for American Business Media, said. 

The podcast is an offshoot of Build-A-Broker™, a half-day bootcamp that teaches people in the mortgage industry how to establish a solid foundation and start their own business. The classes also help established brokers stay up on the latest best practices and growth strategies.

Now Berman is bringing some of those journeys directly to you.

In the first episode, VIP Mortgage Chief Operations Officer Christian Polcicia explains how he went from being a teacher to opening his own brokerage. And how he got into reviewing pizzas along the way. 

Future episodes include Blue Sky Financial Managing Member Adam Stein, who wants to use technology to make getting a mortgage as easy as buying shoes on Amazon.

Berman also gets to know a little about the guests themselves. 

“Traditionally, they’re embedded in the fabric of our community, sponsoring little leagues, helping to build wealth locally,” Berman said. 

You can find episodes of Build-A-Broker: The Journey at the Mortgage News Network or wherever you can get your podcasts. 

And you can sign up for a Build-A-Broker™ class near you at the Originator Connect Network. 

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