6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Non-QM Programs

REC. Apr 07, 2022

As refinances wane, it’s impossible to ignore the huge growth opportunity in non-QM. Angel Oak brings in two of their most knowledgeable sales leaders, each with over seven years of non-QM history.

This dynamic duo will discuss the advantages non-QM offers and the scenarios that lend themselves perfectly to these powerful programs. Most importantly, they will reveal exactly HOW originators need to utilize non-QM to grow their businesses. In true town hall form, Angel Oak will field live questions throughout the hour, provide answers to attendee questions submitted previously during registration, and end with a full Q & A.

  • See how income is derived using Bank Statement loans and increase your borrowers' purchasing power
  • Learn how to help your borrowers minimize their monthly mortgage payments by using a 40-year interest-only program
  • Find out how to use delayed financing to help your borrowers successfully compete against cash offers and Understand how having a recent credit event does not preclude a borrower from qualifying for a mortgage
  • Help your real estate investors expand their portfolios with loan programs that include short-term rentals
  • Hear about an Asset Qualifier program that can help borrowers with high liquid assets qualify for loans without requiring income or employment information
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