DealDesk: Introduction to Acra Lending's Light Doc Programs

REC. Sep 28, 2022

National Mortgage Professional Magazine presented a DealDesk featuring Acra Lending's Light Doc Programs.

Acra Lending is excited to announce its new light doc programs for self-employed borrowers and wage earners. Qualify your borrowers easily with the new 1099, P&L, and WVOE-only programs. These light doc programs are a perfect fit for your borrowers in the service industry or self-employed borrowers who otherwise may not qualify using a traditional bank statement program. These programs are sure to bring you more opportunities.

Join Jason Sheridan, Vice President – Area Sales Manager at Acra Lending as he helps you understand:
-Eligibility Requirements
-Target Audience
-Income Documentation and Calculation
-Credit Qualifications
-Eligible Property Types

We used deals presented to Acra Lending to better understand their programs, so they can help you close more Light Doc Program Loans today!

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