How to Use Credit as A Strategic Tool to Attract More Leads, Make Better Offers and Close More Loans

REC. Oct 06, 2022


In a market that has contracted from record highs, lenders need to find new ways to attract more leads, make better offers and increase closing rates. This webinar uses CreditXpert’s proprietary inquiry data and analysis to demonstrate how lenders can leverage applicant credit as a strategic tool with EVERY applicant – regardless of where they are on the credit spectrum.

Join Mike Darne, VP of Marketing, CreditXpert, Rick Grant, President @RGA Public Relations, and Dan Green Principal @BlackFin Group as they discussed credit strategies and how they can be used to...

  • Gain a better understanding of how mortgage inquiry volume has shifted over the past three years
  • Identify opportunities and build credit-based strategies that will help you better target key market segments
  • Leverage applicant credit potential to attract more leads, make better offers and close more loans
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