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Your Culture Matters: Negative = Negative

Jay Doran
Feb 21, 2020

Many label others as “Negative.”
Jay Doran is chief executive officer at Culture Matters LLCThe label “Negative” in itself is a useful contradiction, useful because it executes upon a goal–the goal to be as far away from one’s self as possible. When one is not revealed clearly as what one is, that experience is of natural progression to hide in plain sight. When one labels after listening to those who disagree regardless of their moral intent, it is a contradiction because to label another fully is a narrow scope of reality and the act contradicts the utility of the label.
Only someone afraid of the dark avoids lonely alley ways. They need to understand the label to battle them, and so goes the truth. The truth is, negative people—at their core—label those who oppose them as negative.
It would be an impossible feat to wrap someone up like a present and present them to the world as anything wholly true in accordance to their being by any brief spectacle of their action. Although that gift makes the life of the labeler easier because they do not need to take responsibility, it just is not the case. What is the case is also the lesson.
Yes, there is darkness in the world. Yes, there are negative actions … thoughts and character types navigating our proximity whether we are aware or not. However, that is not where our focus must lie for our light to shine bright. For our light to shine bright, we must listen. We must differentiate between what is dark or negative and what it is about us that makes us rally against another’s words, thoughts, actions and then cause us to label their being so quickly. For, if we do not listen, if we do no hear past what may be personal, raw, emotive and malevolent, we may fail to learn about ourselves and that is what this is really about.
If we do not think before we speak, regardless of our counterpart, then we will be the negative ones and we will be in the dark–the most dangerous person is that man, woman or individual self-righteous on their claim. This person is the one who tells the truth while lying to themselves–they are honest liars. From here on out, do yourself a favor and pay attention, listen, and drop the negative so that when we do use it, it is used wisely as it still has meaning in its name.

Jay Doran is chief executive officer at Culture Matters LLC, where he helps business owners define their company’s values and increase their confidence to lead both personally and professionally. Jay is also the author of Thirty Days of Thought: Culture Matters. He may be reached by e-mail at [email protected].

Feb 21, 2020