Equity Prime Mortgage LLC (EPM)

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Trade Associations & Lenders Stand Behind Trigger Leads Bill

Major trade associations like The MBA, NAMB, and BAC, urge action on S. 3502.

Equity Prime Mortgage Launches BEABLVR.com To Recruit Loan Officers

EPM aims to transform 4,000 retail loan officers into loan originators, emphasizing the growing benefits of the wholesale sector in the housing market.

Oct 01, 2023
EPM Embraces Wholesale, Shedding Retail To Champion Brokers

Retail, once a major source of business, has become a bit player for EPM.

Sep 07, 2023
EPM Resolves One Rent Dispute, Embroiled In Another

Florida landlord claims mortgage lender abandoned property, owes nearly $30K in back rent.

May 31, 2023
Point, Counterpoint: Iwuji Motorsports Strikes Back At EPM

NASCAR team answers, files motion to strike countersuit six days after mediation session.

May 02, 2023
Legal Battle Over EPM NASCAR Sponsorship Going To Mediation

Equity Prime Mortgage, Jesse Iwuji Motorsports to meet with mediator next week.

Apr 18, 2023