May 2023

All In!

Guild Mortgage has seen successful growth by doubling down when other companies are ready to fold. Also, in the May issue, divorces can be a silver lining for mortgage originators, how to prepare for layoffs if they come, why the appraisal industry needs an overhaul — and the best way to do it, as well as a Best Deal that helped a family of 13 find their forever home. Plus, our outstanding lineup of monthly columnists with great advice for originators.

Guild Doubles Down
Cover Story
Guild Doesn't Fold, It Doubles Down

California-based independent mortgage lender continues to grow through acquisitions

David Krechevsky
Children Find A Home
My Best Deal: A Family Of 13 Children Finds A Home

Hard work finds a home for a baker’s dozen

National Mortgage Professional
Big Bucks From Break Ups
Big Bucks From Break Ups

Divorces can be a lucrative source of business

Steve Goode
The Story Of Your Success
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Kicked to the curb
Kicked To The Curb? Don’t Panic — Network!

Networking and support amongst mortgage professionals can help you get a job

Sarah Wolak
Jillian White
The Unlikely Appraiser Advocate

Jillian White, a minority appraiser, says entire industry needs reappraisal

Steve Goode
Multiply Yourself
Expand Your Reach To Expand Your Business

True success comes when you can multiply yourself

Mary Kay Scully
Embrace Your Fear Of The Unknown
Embrace Your Fear Of The Unknown

Taking risks can be the difference between mediocrity and success

Harvey Mackay
Prohibiting Discrimination
Appraisal Standards Must Include Federal Prohibitions Against Discrimination

CFPB continues to raise concerns with The Appraisal Foundation

Patrice Alexander Ficklin and Tim Lambert
Standing Out In A Crowd
Standing Out In A Crowded Home Equity Market

Faster and more accurate valuations among needed changes

Jeremy McCarty
Nonbank mortgage companies
Why Nonbank Mortgage Companies Bear Close Watching

Lenders are thinly capitalized without much federal oversight

Clifford Rossi
What happened to ethics?
What Happened To Ethics?

A disturbing trend of disappearing values

Lew Sichelman
Your Time Matters
Your Time Matters: What To Prioritize At Work To Ensure Success

Take the time to define — or even redefine — what your workflow looks like

Erica LaCentra
2023 predictions
Faulty Predictions Make Planning More Difficult

This spinning crystal ball called 2023 poses many challenges

Dave Hershman
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