October 2022

The Art Of The Steal

Poach vs. Steal —There’s a right way and a wrong way to hire and be hired. Don’t be on the wrong end of a lawsuit; Employers are gaining the upper hand again; Did investors cause high prices or did high prices attract investors?; The ADU Solution — Little houses may solve big problem of supply with right financing; The employees have spoken! Most Loved Employers — The annual collection of the most loved employers in the mortgage industry.

Steal a Sales Team
Cover Story
How To Legally Steal A Sales Team

Customer lists are the main reason these poaching lawsuits get filed

Sales and Marketing
Katie Jensen
2022 Most Loved Employers
2022 Most Loved Employers

The annual collection of the most loved employers in the mortgage industry.

Government Lending
Government Lending Has A Strong Digital Future

Long gone are the days of 300-page files and mail requests

Regulation and Compliance
Doug Page
The Story Of Your Success
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Appraisal Fears
Appraisal Business Fears Modernizing And Newcomers

Appraisers also need to mitigate appraisal bias

Regulation and Compliance
Steve Goode
Overcoming Obstacles
Start Setting Your Goals For 2023

Make them SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound

Mary Kay Scully
Teamwork Dreamwork
Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Embracing it won’t make you invisible on the job

Harvey Mackay
Digital Transformation
Overcome The Many Challenges Of Digital Transformation

While convenient, working remotely has two-fold risks

Housing Affordability
Are Investors Fueling The Rapid Decline In Housing Affordability?

It might be a case, instead, of higher prices attracting investors

Investor Loans
Xander Snyder
Refocusing On Relationships
Refocusing Loan Officers On Relationships

Also, focus on your local markets and not national trends for success

Sales and Marketing
A.W. Pickell
ADU Financing
Better Financing Options For ADUs — But …

They’re affordable but they are still not inexpensive

Lew Sichelman
Return To Office
A Shift In Power And A Return To Office

Popular employee benefits may wither in face of a possible recession

Erica LaCentra
Defining Responsibilities
Defining Responsibilities Up-Front — The Bane of Turnover

Doing so creates the correct expectations on both sides

C-Suite Strategies
Dave Hershman
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