April 2023

Vicious & Victorious

Vicious & Victorious — How killer instincts got UWM to No. 1; To Broker Or Not To Broker: That Is The Question; Don't Get Caught With A Dusty Resume; Uncle Sam Targets Pay-to-Play; One Data Set Changing Mortgage Retention; Designing The Perfect Email; Five Ways MLOs Can Use ChatGPT; Flourish With F Words For Success; Stress Management In The Mortgage Process; My Best Deal — Making A Dream Come True; Hiring An Assistant Could Drive New Revenue, But Be Cautious; Perks And Pitfalls Of Working With Loved Ones Worth The Challenges; and NMP's 2023 Leading LOs: Top Originators.

UWM Goes Nuclear
Cover Story
UWM’s Domination Goes Nuclear On Wholesale Market

After surpassing Rocket in originations, United Wholesale Mortgage has its pedal to the metal

Sarah Wolak
Choosing career path
To Broker Or Not To Broker: That Is The Question

To really succeed, you need the mindset of a CEO

Dave Hershman
Dust off resume
Don’t Get Caught With A Dusty Resume

If that layoff notice comes, be ready to act quickly

Erica LaCentra
The Story Of Your Success
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Deceiving Consumers
Uncle Sam Targets Pay-to-Play

Bad actors reported by financial institutions seeking level playing field

Mortgage Retention
One Data Set Changing Mortgage Retention

How technology helps lenders turn borrower information into customers for life

Rebecca Martin
Perfect Email
Designing The Perfect Email

Done right, emails can be a cheap, effective marketing tool

Rieva Lesonsky
ChatGPT for MLOs
Five Ways MLOs Can Use ChatGPT

We go to the source to find out how you can use it

Flourish With F Words
Flourish With F Words For Success

Ignore that F word but others will put you on the right path

Harvey Mackay
Stress Management
Stress Management In The Mortgage Process

Your customers equate stress of buying a home to getting fired

Mary Kay Scully
Lisbeth Najarro
Making A Dream Come True Before It Was Too Late

Lisbeth Najarro turned the borrower’s credit score around so the couple could enter homeownership

Take Back Time
Take Back Valuable Time

Hiring an assistant could drive new revenue, but be cautious

Sarah Wolak
Middleman family
Building A Family Affair

Perks and pitfalls of working with loved ones worth the challenges

Sarah Wolak
2023 Leading LOs
Honoring Those Who Succeeded In 2022

National Mortgage Professional Magazine celebrates the achievements of 2022's Leading LOs

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