Making A Dream Come True Before It Was Too Late

Lisbeth Najarro turned the borrower’s credit score around so the couple could enter homeownership

Lisbeth Najarro

How much was your best deal for?
My most notable deal was for a $300,000 mortgage on a home for a man and his wife.

What made it your best deal?
My best and most memorable deal was with a man and his wife who could not get a mortgage for a home because, at 560, their credit score was too low to qualify. They could only rent housing but really wanted to purchase their own home. I was able to assist in turning the borrower’s credit score around so the couple could finally purchase a home they fell in love with. I advised the borrower on ways to improve his score, like lowering his balances and then helped him with a credit rescore.

In just a couple of weeks, he achieved a 640-credit score, which opened up his home financing options. I was then able to offer him a Virginia Housing grant with 2.5% down payment assistance. The man was ultimately able to purchase a home for himself and his wife.

After renting for so long and feeling hopeless, they were finally able to realize the dream of homeownership and save money. I’ll never forget the look on their faces when I shared the loan approval news and how happy they were. It turned out their new mortgage payments were less than the cost of rent.

Lisbeth Najarro with the couple she helped
Lisbeth Najarro with the couple she helped, as well as a member of her team and the Realtor she worked with.

What else was interesting about the deal?
The husband was American and his wife was from Bolivia. I speak three languages — English, Spanish and Portuguese — so I was able to easily communicate with the wife. Unfortunately, the husband had cancer and passed away just eight months after he closed on their new home. I’m so thankful I was able to help this family before that happened.

To this day, his wife still calls me during the holidays to catch up and express her appreciation. She’s grateful to be in a home and paying much less per month than when they were renting.

Thank God I was able to find a solution for the couple and help them improve their credit score to make their dream a reality. It truly was a memorable deal that made me feel good about the work I do helping get people into homes.

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This article was originally published in the NMP Magazine April 2023 issue.
Published on
Apr 03, 2023
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