Sen. Sarbanes to retire

Sen. Sarbanes to retire

June 1, 2005

An interview with NAMB Convention Committee Chair Nagy Heneinmortgagepress.comNagy Henein, 2000 NAMB convention, program
What are some reasons for people to attend the NAMB 2000
convention, Saturday-Tuesday, June 24-27 in New
With the convention being held in New Orleans this year, it will be
an opportunity to combine a great entertainment aspect with the
strength of a terrific educational program. We have nearly 200
programs and sessions prepared to educate our membership--from
regulatory updates, to brokers roundtables, to motivational
speakers, to the Internet, all of which encompass the entire
mortgage industry.
What are some of the major issues and hot topics to be
discussed at this year's convention?
We will be covering topics such as legislation, education, and
regulation, in addition to a host of other industry topics. We have
an abundance of sessions covering each aspect of these issues.
Considering that New Orleans is dubbed a "party town,"
what types of social and networking events are being planned for
the Convention?
We are basically following the mode of the "party town." We are
providing attendees with several networking and entertainment
sessions throughout the convention, beginning the first day of the
convention, Saturday, June 24, and running through Tuesday, June
Are there any new offerings unique to this year's
This year, we have extended invitations to several prominent names.
One of our invitations was extended to potential Republican
Presidential Nominee, Texas Governor George W. Bush. We have also
invited Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, and Fannie
Mae Chairman of the Board Franklin Raines. We are preparing a
tremendous educational program, as well as a high level of
Top reasons to attend NAMB 2000:
*To find out where legislative issues are heading around the 50
*To find out what NAMB is doing to combat the numerous legislative
and regulatory trends currently sweeping the country;
*To take advantage of networking opportunities;
*To find out what is new in the mortgage industry, through our
Showcase that will bring together approximately 250 vendors and
*To see how our industry rewards its participants;
*To have a good time;
*And to meet the elite of the mortgage industry.