AHB aids unemployed customers

AHB aids unemployed customers

May 9, 2005

NAMB action alert: Association seeks info on wage and hour auditsmortgagepress.comminimum wage, overtime requirements, DOL enforcement, audits
As part of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers' efforts
to secure clarification from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) on
whether loan officers are exempt from the minimum wage and overtime
requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the association is
collecting information on NAMB members' experiences with DOL wage
and hour audits and enforcement actions. Specifically, the
association wants to know who has been subject to an audit or
enforcement action, where the audit or enforcement action was
conducted, the scope of the audit or enforcement action (i.e. job
categories, type of alleged wage and hour violations), and the
outcome of the audit or enforcement action.
The information will be used by NAMB and its attorneys only for
the purposes described above and shall not otherwise be disclosed
or disseminated. Please e-mail all responses to NAMB Regulatory
Counsel Nikita Pastor at npastor@namb.org.
For more information, visit www.namb.org.