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House to consider Neighborhood Stabilization Act of 2008

National Mortgage Professional
May 04, 2008

Equifax launches mortgage risk evaluation tool for secondary and capital markets analysis MortgagePress.comEquifax, Mortgage Market Risk Insight, mortgage investors, credit behavior, Bankruptcy Navigator Index Equifax Inc. has announced the launch of an analytical tool that gives mortgage investors deeper insights into mortgage borrower credit behavior. Equifax Mortgage Market Risk Insight (MRI) is the industrys first source of mortgage market risk information that enables forward-looking valuations for mortgage-related securities. Investors can use this tool to analyze mortgage loan performance and more accurately assess delinquency and default. "The real power of Mortgage MRI is its ability to segment the universe of borrowers that are still current on their mortgage loans to help improve mortgage credit risk and cash-flow analytics," said Dann Adams, president, US consumer information solutions, Equifax. "Mortgage MRI is the only tool available that provides aggregated credit data derived from the entirety of borrower credit profiles to gauge credit risk on mortgage debt." This new tool gives investors updated credit information on mortgage borrowers aggregated at the zip code level. Data then can be segmented to reveal borrower credit health and credit capacity trends for different loan vintages within a zip code. In addition to providing a powerful tool for assessing risk in a trading desk environment, Mortgage MRI also supports strategic market risk analysis, pool and market risk assessment and institutional valuation of mortgage-related assets. "With increased sensitivity to credit risk in the mortgage secondary and capital markets, the industry must find new ways to leverage information," said Tom Madison, senior vice president, Equifax Mortgage Solutions. "Mortgage MRI provides a new level of understanding about credit health to help improve investor analytics around mortgage loan performance." To provide this new level of detail for the mortgage market, Mortgage MRI segments zip-level data by vintage, loan type and first mortgage payment status. Once the data is segmented, Mortgage MRI leverages leading indicators and scoring models, including VantageScore® and Equifaxs Bankruptcy Navigator Index (BNI) to analyze credit risk and the likelihood of a certain borrower profile filing for bankruptcy over the next 24 months. The results are then aggregated and provided to subscribers of this tool. Mortgage MRI is the latest addition to Equifax's suite of mortgage services. In addition to valuable credit information, Equifax provides the marketing and analytical services mortgage businesses need to help target and close the right customers or buy and sell the right securities. For more information about Mortgage MRI and Equifax Mortgage Services, click here. For more information, visit
May 04, 2008
CFPB Slaps Bank Of America With $12 Million Penalty For False Mortgage Data Reporting

For at least four years, hundreds of Bank of America loan officers failed to ask mortgage applicants certain demographic questions.

Rising Home Values Propel Higher Loan Limits

FHFA Announces 5.6% Increase in Conforming Loan Limits for 2024

NMLS — Then, Now, And To Come

Leaders reminisce, plan, and dream about the regulatory group on its 15th birthday

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Shareholders Win Prejudgment Interest On $299M Verdict

Federal court upholds shareholders' right to interest after government's wrongful claim on profits; simple interest rate set, drawing from Delaware law precedent.

ADUs Can Now Be Sold Separately In California

‘Backyard revolution’ opens up the affordable housing market.

Cracking The Crackdown

How to eliminate and prevent ‘junk’ fees to avoid penalties