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When the phone stops ringing: A broker's guide to an effective direct marketing campaign

National Mortgage Professional
Aug 24, 2008 announces partnership with CMG MortgageMortgagePress.comSearchMyLoan, CMG Mortgage, loan search engine, Home Ownership Accelerator (SML), a provider of loan search and pricing services for the mortgage industry, announced a strategic alliance with San Ramon, Calif.-based CMG Mortgage, a national lending firm providing both mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage services. Through this joint venture, CMG Mortgage's loan products are available to originators through SML's search and pricing platform, giving originators access to CMG's wholesale loan products and its new Home Ownership Accelerator loan program. The Accelerator combines the borrowers checking, home loan and home equity line accounts into a single loan account that automatically transfers all deposited cash against the loan balance each day in order to save mortgage interest. "Our partnership with enables our broad array of mortgage products to be more readily available to a larger number of loan officers," said Doug Nesbit, vice president of marketing for CMG Mortgage Services. "The system creates another avenue for our loan products to get the attention of potential new customers, helping to boost our companys recognition and profitability." "With the addition of CMG Mortgage to our platform, we have enhanced our own ability to provide additional lending products to our customers," said Salvatore Tomaselli, CEO of SearchMyLoan. "In addition to CMG's competitively priced conventional loans and FHA loans, originators now also have access to an innovative mortgage product that will help their customers pay off their mortgage more quickly."'s platform is a loan search engine providing comprehensive search and pricing for every loan type, such as A-paper, ALT-A, FHA and sub-prime loans. The SML platform provides CMG Mortgage's originators a comprehensive search and pricing capability to virtually every loan type available, accelerating the origination process and enabling loan officers to offer a wider variety of products to borrowers. For more information, visit or
Aug 24, 2008
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