LoanSifter forms strategic partnership with Ellie Mae

LoanSifter forms strategic partnership with Ellie Mae

June 9, 2009

LoanSifter Inc., a Web-based, point-of-sale product pricing and eligibility (PPE) tool, has announced its integration with Ellie Mae's Encompass Banker Mortgage Management System, the award-winning loan origination and management system for mortgage bankers and brokers.
This seamless integration will allow loan officers to leverage instant pricing decisions across their entire investor database from within Encompass, returning "buy" and "sell" side pricing that appropriately incorporate SRPs, margins, and other incentives in addition to the accurate, branch-specific, risk-based pricing.
Prospects originating from the Encompass system will be transferred into LoanSifter along with their pricing scenarios, allowing for the immediate, simple creation of real-time monitoring, ongoing email pricing campaigns, and other marketing materials that are accurately targeted to the borrower's unique scenarios.
This is in addition to the fast, seamless workflow of submitting a pricing request from Encompass to LoanSifter, whose Automated Underwriting Solution (AUS) allows the loan officer to determine the best-execution pricing strategy quickly before pushing those results back into the secondary desk within Encompass. From there, the secondary department can immediately reprice the loan for confirmation, and utilize integrations from within Encompass to the selected lender.
This process is supported from within LoanSifter's affordable solution using the most advanced automation in addition to over 30 underwriting and pricing professionals, while strengthening its reputation as the leader in training and customer service within the PPE space using the very latest technologies to deliver immediate support at the loan officer level.
"Fairway Independent Mortgage consistently strives to deliver outstanding customer service levels", says Fairway's Steve Probst, "the integration of these two powerful technologies will dramatically increase our ability to deliver timely, accurate product and pricing information to our customers. LoanSifter and Encompass are the lead software providers in their own right; their combination will escalate the industry standards."
"LoanSifter offers Ellie Mae's Encompass customers an affordable, easy-to-use and accurate automated underwriting and pricing engine. In this constantly changing market, keeping up with fluctuations is an important task for mortgage originators, and LoanSifter's web-based solution delivers better service and more options for originators to present to their borrowers." stated Bruce Backer, president of LoanSifter.
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