Craig Kaley joins MRG as senior technology specialist

Craig Kaley joins MRG as senior technology specialist

June 12, 2009

MRG Document Technologies (MRG), a provider of mortgage technologies to banks, credit unions and other lenders, has announced that Craig Kaley has joined MRG as a senior technology specialist where he will be responsible for both sales activities, as well as developing and enhancing the architecture of MRG’s systems. Kaley served as the vice president of development for an electronic document preparation services provider based in Colorado prior to joining MRG. He has also held solutions architect positions with communication and telecommunication companies and software engineer positions with a variety of business-to-business and consumer-facing organizations ranging from data back-up facilities to online gift registries.
“Craig brings a much appreciated technology perspective to our sales process,” said Michael Riddle, chairman of MRG. “His background in systems development enables him to thoroughly describe and answer lender questions about MRG’s document preparation systems. His experience on the customer side gives him insight into what features are most needed, useful and appealing to lenders that can be used on the product development side.”
MRG offers a browser-based system for the preparation and delivery of compliant document packages, electronic disclosures, loan modifications and other services for mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions nationwide. MRG guarantees that its products are in compliance with the most recent legislative and regulatory changes.
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