Byte Software and CCMC form strategic interface partnership

Byte Software and CCMC form strategic interface partnership

June 24, 2009

Byte Software has announced that they have selected CCMC to deliver time-saving
and error-reducing interface solutions to Byte Software clients. Through an interface to
CCMC's BridgeWare technology, Byte Software can now offer direct interfaces to all the
leading core processing systems used by banks and credit unions. "By partnering with CCMC, a middle-ware expert with deep knowledge of core processing systems, we can offer robust and seamless interfaces without taking our focus off of creating leading edge loan origination software," said Joe Herb, general manager of Byte Software. "CCMC's solutions have a reputation for eliminating manual data entry, which greatly increases efficiency and reduces errors."
Byte Software delivers loan origination software to credit unions, banks and brokers in all 50 States. From large national clients to regional and community institutions, Byte Software has been providing mortgage industry leading solutions for over 20 years.
“Improving end-to-end loan management with dependable technology and user-friendly processes is key for success of financial institutions,” explained Dana Giesler, vice president of sales for CCMC. “We have always offered our clients a robust, seamless transfer of data from system to system, enabling consolidation of efforts and reduction of errors naturally caused by re-keying data. The end result is a more efficient workflow that improves the bottom line. Together with Byte Software, we are offering a solution that will immediately benefit the clients,” added Giesler.
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