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ISGN Integrates Its LoanSifter Product Into MORvision's LOS
Mar 09, 2011

ISGN, a provider of end-to-end technology solutions and services to the U.S. mortgage industry, has partnered with LoanSifter, a provider of product and pricing technology for community banks, credit unions, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers to offer MORvison’s first integrated loan product and pricing engine through the MORvision Plug-In Partner Network. LoanSifter provides lenders with automatically updated, real-time pricing, adjustments and eligibility guidelines on over 160 correspondent and wholesale investors.  The unique bi-directional integration enables MORvision customers to set up and maintain loan originator compensation plans, meeting the latest Regulation Z requirements, and obtain loan product and pricing information directly from within MORvision. The integration results in loan originator (LO) compensation compliant investor product and pricing data, improved efficiencies, and reduced errors. LoanSifter’s product and pricing engine (PPE) ensures that MORvision lenders deliver the most competitive loan offer to borrowers without cutting corners on accuracy. The integrated solution also leverages LoanSifter’s extensive secondary marketing platform to allow for locking loans, applying lock extensions, etc., which is all reflected in MORvision in real-time. Prior to this integration with LoanSifter, MORvision customers faced the challenge of maintaining control of originating, pricing and locking loans in a market that is sometimes volatile, while trying to avoid duplicate data entry between the loan origination system and the loan product and pricing engine. The LoanSifter integration facilitates effective communication between loan officers and secondary marketing professionals with a suite of tools to include a web-based portal, pipeline management, loan eligibility and pricing, secondary lock desk and rate sheet generator for accurate pricing and product information. “In today’s environment, lenders need loan originator compensation compliant tools that can give them a competitive edge,” said Bruce Backer, president of LoanSifter. “The ability to easily and quickly incorporate automated products and pricing in a lender’s workflow is critical in creating a positive experience for all involved. The partnership between LoanSifter and ISGN means superior data quality, better control and compliance, and improved profitability.” “The LoanSifter integration with the MORvision platform provides better loan pricing data for lenders and better secondary market execution,” said Murali Gomatam, head of technology products at ISGN. “The integration ensures the integrity of the data in MORvision’s database, which continues to serve as a single source record for all loan data. This enhances fraud prevention and quality control, resulting in high quality mortgages for borrowers, MORvision lenders and investors.” For more information, visit or
Mar 09, 2011
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