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LoyaltyExpress Launches CustomerManager 4.0

Mar 30, 2011

LoyaltyExpress has announced the release of its fourth generation marketing automation software-as-a-service (SaaS), CustomerManager. CustomerManager delivers retention marketing services to mortgage brokers, lenders, and banks. New features include electronic closing surveys (with loan officer scoring & reporting) as well as robust compliance controls to prevent loan officers from marketing in non-licensed territories. "CustomerManager continues to be the most demanded and flexible marketing service in the mortgage industry," said Jeff Doyle, CEO of LoyaltyExpress. "With an exceptionally diverse & notable roster of clients, we continue to advance our offerings and solutions to steadily conquer—and exceed—existing and future user requirements and expectations. Our proprietary platform is built on flexible and scalable architecture, which continues to satisfy even the most demanding requests for specialized components and functionality." The 4.0 release builds upon the original success of the service with the following enhancements: ►Post-closing, electronic closing surveys with scoring and loan officer performance feedback; Referral submission by survey recipient & instant alert to loan officer for immediate follow-up; ►Hierarchical reporting on survey results for branch manager, regional & divisional managers, and corporate marketing users; ►Expanded license fields for corporate NMLS, corporate banking license, loan officer NMLS, loan officer state license, and state-specific disclaimers; ►LicenseLock: The suppression of mailings to recipients where a loan officer is not licensed, preventing any regulatory infractions; ►Data sharing with PromotionalMaterials (the LoyaltyExpress web-to-print flyer site), eliminating duplicate data entry requirements; ►Automated e-newsletter & e-mail functionality on client retention programs for multi-media marketing impact; and ►Automated lead campaigns consisting of direct mail & e-mail communications;
Mar 30, 2011
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