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Mortgage Software Provider to Offer Perks for Users
Jul 13, 2011

SaM Solutions US has announced its Charter Member Elite Class user for Engage, a loan origination system (LOS) and processing system designed for community banks, brokers, credit unions and midsized banks that they can deploy from the initial application to the funding stage of a mortgage. “The early adopter is a valuable asset to the technology developer because they help shape the final product,” said Aaron Cope, head of operations at SaM Solutions US. “We are almost finished with what will be the most advanced loan origination system in the industry, and we're giving a select group of customers the chance to help put the finishing touches on it." Charter members will only be accepted until the final LOS product rolls out in the fall. When it does, they will receive special consideration and perks that other clients will not receive. Moreover, they don't spend more on the functionality that has been built into the software, but they sign up earlier, become members of the advisory board, receive significant discounts and they are the first to receive upgrades and new functionality. Among the benefits of becoming a Charter Member are the following: ►Only Charter members receive a significant price break to license the cutting-edge origination platform. ►Only Charter members can customize the system to their needs free of charge. ►Charter members will receive upgrades and new functionality before anyone else. ►Charter members can participate in Engage’s advisory board, helping to develop new functionality and features. ►Charter Members will have the opportunity to speak at Engage’s User’s conference and other events that Sam Solutions sponsors on their behalf.
Jul 13, 2011
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