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The Hershman Group and Market Focus Announce Partnership
May 09, 2012

Market Focus Inc., a provider of automated marketing solutions since 1992, has announced a joint partnership with The Hershman Group, a provider of training and marketing solutions through the OriginationPro Marketing System. Under terms of the agreement, Market Focus will be integrating OriginationPro’s marketing materials into the MortgageQuest CRM, as well as CRM solutions for the real estate and insurance industries. Chris Carter, chief executive officer of Market Focus indicated that “we have been searching a long time for content that is up-to-date, relevant and written by an industry expert so that our thousands of subscribers can reach their customers and entire sphere with unique and value-added material in order to increase their prospect conversions and referrals. With the material written by industry expert Dave Hershman, we have found the ideal solution.” Market Focus has announced that every WebDesk subscriber will automatically receive OriginationPro’s newsletters, articles and e-mails at no extra charge. “Our content has been recognized as the leading content in the industry for three decades," said OriginationPro’s Dave Hershman. "However, we have lacked the integrated distribution system through a fully functional and powerful CRM. Now we can offer the best of both worlds to our clients as MortgageQuest has been an industry leader for 20 years.” The group also announced that, through an inexpensive upgrade, MortgageQuest users will be able to gain access to OriginationPro’s print newsletters, flyers and postcards, as well as their advanced training certification, the Certified Mortgage Advisor Program.
May 09, 2012
Cleveland Cavaliers Partner With Fast For A Streamlined Checkout Service At Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse

Cleveland Cavalier fans can now purchase their favorite team merchandise with the ease of one-click at or while attending games at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

Sales and Marketing
Nov 15, 2021
Finance Of America Reverse Updates Its Brand Assets

Finance of America Reverse announced the launch of its updated brand assets with what the company says, “reflects its modern identity and impactful relationships with customers.”

Nov 12, 2021
How To Build Your Purchase Business As Refis Dry Out

There is no better time to start thinking about building your purchase business as the refinance pool begins to run dry.

Nov 08, 2021
Arlo To Launch Mutual Marketing Community Advertising Platform

Arlo, a digital advertiser for the mortgage industry, announce that it is launching a community advertising platform, Mutual Marketing.

Sales and Marketing
Nov 02, 2021
Know What Makes You You

It’s not just what you offer, but who you are that will propel (or impair) your sales.

Sales and Marketing
Oct 25, 2021
Video & You

Show your personality. After all, you are your own brand.

Sales and Marketing
Sep 30, 2021