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Personal Branding: The Critical Piece to Content Marketing

Brian Karoff
Oct 10, 2014

Personal branding is about who you are and what you stand for. When a personal brand identity is developed, it creates a story, and when developed correctly, a purposeful story that others can connect, trust, share and refer too. Personal branding has taken on a major role in marketing because of the ability to grow and nurture online communities with the purpose of building sustainable networks. These networks are critical when bridging the gap between mortgage professionals, real estate agents and consumers.

When we look at content marketing that involves creating and sharing media and publishing content, we cannot just look at the company brand to accomplish it all on its own. A great way to build and align substantial brand value is to give each unique individual inside the company, no matter how big or small, a voice, program and platform to best develop their brand and tell their stories, build their audience and grow their networks. By doing this effectively and efficiently, we create a culture that we position and leverage as the backbone to our content marketing strategy. We begin by educating them on guiding principles and build training to assist them, followed up with accountability.

A brand’s value is considered the sum total of all positive and negative experiences and the same is true as individuals and professionals. When we receive positive reviews from our clients, it’s a collection of stories we can amplify to grow our networks and become trusted advisors. Marketers who invest into a systematic approach that can tie the two parts together, personal branding with content marketing, can build an ecosystem of content producers and distribution channels that will ultimately drive more profitable customer action. 

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Brian Karoff is the digital marketing manager for, a powerful and easy-to-use online loan officer review management system. Loan officers can collect, manage and promote their views in order to build trust, secure more referral relationships and close more deals. Brian is a dynamic leader and entrepreneur working with business leaders and executives from all over the world. He has worked with Chet Holmes and Tony Robbins in producing the Ultimate Business Mastery System and consults clients on business growth through marketing and technology. 

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