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Essent Guaranty and ISGN Announce Access to MI Through MORvision
Oct 06, 2014

Essent Guaranty Inc., a nationwide provider of mortgage insurance (MI), has announced that it is now offering lenders access to Essent MI for delegated and non-delegated loans and rate quotes through ISGN’s MORvision Plug-In Partner Network. ISGN Corporation is a provider of end-to-end technology solutions and services to the U.S. mortgage industry.

“We are excited to announce that Essent MI is now available on ISGN’s MORvision Plug-In Partner Network. Lenders will now have a direct connection to Essent MI products without having to leave their MORvision loan file,” said Bill Kaiser, Essent Guaranty’s chief operations officer. “Delegated and non-delegated customers also have the flexibility of checking rate quotes from Essent while working on a file.”

MORvision users now have a custom-designed screen where they can not only submit MI data directly to Essent Guaranty, but also receive MI rate quotes and MI certificate attachments, which are auto-populated into the appropriate MORvision loan files. The Essent Guaranty submission screen uses the MISMO standard mortgage insurance format and offers an intuitive streamlined user interface that requires fewer clicks than when ordering from the Web site. This customized submission system has been built directly into MORvision.

“Because saving for a downpayment can take years, private mortgage insurance companies like Essent Guaranty are pivotal in providing capital to facilitate homeownership for first-time homebuyers and low down payment borrowers,” said Paul Imura, CMO of ISGN. “Access to Essent MI provides an automated, seamless experience for our lender clients and the ability to submit MI data on demand enabling a more efficient mortgage lending process for our clients and their borrowers.”

Oct 06, 2014