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eSignSystems Acquired by DocMagic
Oct 16, 2014

DocMagic Inc. has announced the acquisition of electronic software solutions provider eSignSystems, from WAVE Systems Corp. As part of the acquisition, DocMagic will bring on the entire management team of eSignSystems, including co-founder and EVP of Sales and Marketing Kelly Purcell and SVP of Technology Solutions, Jonathan Kearns.

"The acquisition of eSignSystems by DocMagic is a marriage of extraordinary talented and visionary people with incredible SaaS and on-premise products and services," said Dominic Iannitti, president and CEO of DocMagic. "The management team at eSignSystems has done an exceptional job bringing innovative solutions to the forefront of e-mortgage adoption, and their contribution to the eMortgage revolution cannot be overstated. By combining the best of eSignSystems on-premise software with DocMagic's SaaS solutions, eSignature patent, compliance and enterprise infrastructure, there is no question that this acquisition was meant to be. Simply put, we are just better together."  

The acquisition adds to DocMagic's already robust suite of electronic products and services. eSignSystems products include, SmartSAFE, a solution enabling the eDelivery, eSigning, and life-cycle management of the electronic record, including short and long term retention of electronic files (eVault), SmartIDENTITY a solution for validating signers in real-time, SmartFORMS, a solution for generating proper and personalized forms, and SmartCLOSE, a solution for simplifying the MERS eRegistry Integration.

"The acquisition for DocMagic has spectacular timing for electronic mortgage adoption," said Tim Anderson, director of eServices for DocMagic. "Not only are DocMagic products and services the most easily integrated tools available in the market, the comprehensiveness of the combined eSignSystems and DocMagic offerings is now officially off the charts. That makes DocMagic the e-Powerhouse."

Oct 16, 2014