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GSF Mortgage Becomes a Ginnie Mae Issuer
Oct 14, 2014

GSF Mortgage has announced that it has been approved as a Ginnie Mae Issuer. Ginnie Mae facilitates the securitization of government-insured products. They are not in the business of making or purchasing mortgage loans and does not buy, sell or issue securities. Ginnie Mae guarantees investors timely payments of principal and interest on mortgage-backed securities (MBS) backed by federally insured or guaranteed loans—typically loans insured by FHA and VA. Other loans that are eligible include the Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development (RD). Ginnie Mae securities are the only MBS to carry the full faith and credit guaranty of the United State’s Government, meaning that even in challenging times, Ginnie Mae MBS are one of the safest an investor can make. 

GSF Mortgage is pleased to share in Ginnie Mae’s mission to expand affordable housing throughout the markets they serve. In 1995, GSF Mortgage was formed to provide solutions for borrowers pursuing homeownership. GSF's stability and expertise originating FHA, VA and USDA loans has allowed the company to meet the high standards of Ginnie Mae and become eligible for the privilege of becoming a direct servicer. This directly translates to offering more products, lessening underwriting requirements and lower interest rates directly to the customer.

“We have had our sights set on becoming a Ginnie Mae Issuer for some time. We share the same fundamental mission of expanding homeownership for credit worthy borrowers," said GSF President Chad Jampedro. "The ability to issue Ginnie Mae securities will allow GSF to establish its own underwriting criteria within agency guidelines and retain the servicing rights of the borrower’s loans that we are originating. Our goal is to continue to serve our borrowers at the highest-level, beginning at origination and continuing as their servicer. Customer support and retention is at the core of our business plan and becoming a Ginnie Mae Issuer will allow us an opportunity to be more to our borrowers over the life of their loan. We had the opportunity to attend the Ginnie Summit in Washington D.C. and were so impressed with the their staff and training presentations. Their mission is clear, they believe in 'The Power of Partnerships' and GSF Mortgage is certainly pleased to be included as an approved partner."


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Founded in 1995, GSF Mortgage is an established and experienced direct mortgage lender. With nearly 20 years of lending experience, GSF professionals originate, process, underwrite, and fund all loans. We have direct access to FHA, VA, USDA, FNMA and Jumbo Financing products. GSF Mortgage has provided successful financing solutions to borrowers in all phases of homeownership. We continue to serve the next generation of homeowners with the GOGSF brand focused on flexible and transparent mortgage lending. With many locations, our strengths keep GSF Mortgage “Lending in Your Favor”.

Oct 14, 2014