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Keep Launches to Manage Post-Closing Marketing
Jan 30, 2015

Keep, a new post-close marketing tool for real estate and lending professionals, has launched, providing a unique automated solution for keeping in touch with clients after they close on their home purchase. Keep provides homeowners regular financial updates about their homes and mortgages. This allows the homeowners to make the best decisions about refinancing or selling. Keep also helps real estate professionals to capture repeat business by notifying them when their clients may be back in the market.

“One of the biggest missed opportunities for real estate and mortgage professionals is getting repeat business and referrals from past clients,” said Robert Reich, founder and chief executive officer of Keep. “Traditional post-close marketing doesn’t garner effective loyalty or notify the professional when their client is ready to act. Keep provides those professionals with an elegant solution.”

Keep generates and sends reports to homeowners including valuable data about their home value, equity, mortgage balance and interest rate, and recent sales in their neighborhood. Keep data is easy to read and understand, presenting information that every homeowner needs to know.

Each e-mail is branded to the real estate professional in an effort to demonstrate a professional brand as well as helping him or her to stay top of mind for future transactions and referrals. In addition, Keep uses behavior tracking technology to give valuable information back to the real estate professional.

“Keep provides the only automated post-close marketing for the real estate and mortgage industries that is based on custom data tailored specifically for each recipient,” said Reich. “This not only helps your past clients remember you for next time, but also helps increase referrals to others. What’s different about Keep is the custom data that makes for relevant content every time, substantially increasing the odds your client will open the email and appreciate you for sending it." 

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