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LenderLive's GuardianDocs Integrates With Calyx Point

Jul 08, 2015
LenderLive Network

LenderLive Network Inc. has announced that its GuardianDocs document preparation service is now seamlessly integrated with Calyx Software. Now, users of Calyx Point can order and complete initial disclosures and closing packages without leaving Point. Utilizing Calyx’s DirectConnect integration portal, GuardianDocs has created a complete interface for Calyx Point that streamlines the ordering process and supports the generation and fulfillment of application disclosures and the closing package. GuardianDoc’s complete and seamless interface alleviates the need to log out of the LOS and go to a production Web site to re-key critical information to complete the document order.

When lenders order the disclosures and closing documents within Calyx Point, all data is transferred to GuardianDocs. In the case of missing information required to prepare the documents, integrated messaging alerts the lender of the missing data and lets them enter it in the messaging utility in the Calyx system. If nothing is missing, the documents come back complete and are instantly placed into Calyx’s eLoan file document repository. The entire ordering process can be completed in three to four minutes, according to lenders using the GuardianDocs-Point interface. In comparison to using a partial interface, lenders can expect to reduce their doc drawing time by at least 60 minutes per file.

“Data integrity is essential to create compliant documents and to have a true system of record; the LOS should house the source data, rather than your doc provider’s Web site. This will take on even greater importance in the new TRID environment,” said Jonathan Kunkle, president of GuardianDocs. “Our partnership with Calyx has allowed us to build a DirectConnect interface that streamlines document ordering and management, removes duplicative data entry, and eliminates steps that can create errors. As a result, users will see significant productivity gains and have greater assurance of compliance.”

Dennis Boggs, executive vice president of business development for Calyx said, “GuardianDocs has developed the tightest integration of any vendor using our DirectConnect platform. We are pleased to work with a cutting-edge document services and technology provider like GuardianDocs to build an advanced interface that allows our lender clients to order and complete their initial disclosures and closing packages without ever having to leave our system.”

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Jul 08, 2015
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