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Brokers Turn to Direct Mail
Aug 28, 2015

Everyone knows direct mail CAN work, but it’s no secret that mail been in a slump for the last few years. Now it has risen back to the top. The most widely used marketing method for top mortgage brokers today. Better results than Internet leads, live transfers or online marketing. Direct mail is quietly taking the nation by storm. More loans are being funded today from direct mail than any other form of marketing.

For brokers, the business is all about volume. Finding a marketing campaign that can produce consistent results is more important than ever. In today’s fast-paced environment, there’s just no time to shop around for marketing products and services in hopes of finding one that works. Your time needs to be spent closing loans. What’s going to consistently bring you the highest volume of calls while keeping the return-on-investment (ROI) you need to be profitable? A campaign you can track? One that provides reports that will keep you ahead of industry trends? Lead management tools that will allow you to work five to 10 times more loans at once? Direct mail incorporates all of these. This is why it has risen back to the most frequently used marketing method for today’s top mortgage brokers.

In order for mail to work effectively, it needs to be dropped consistently. Companies that only drop mail three to four times per year (or less) usually see varied results, while people who drop mail weekly or bi-weekly all year long seem to have much more consistent, scalable and profitable results. Plan your growth and marketing efforts accordingly and keep it consistent throughout the year. Starting and stopping will decrease the effectiveness of your campaigns. You need consistent results so you can effectively follow the trends in the market.

Keeping a pulse on your market will allow you to stay ahead of your competition. Most of your competitors wait to see what the market is going to do before they decide to make a move. The top mortgage brokers of today see what is happening now and forecast the future allowing them to capitalize while everyone else is waiting. Don’t wait to see everyone else’s results. Get out there and start producing top results for yourself.

TagQuest client spotlight: John F. from Ohio
Each month, we like to talk with our clients and find out how their campaigns are going. Here’s what we heard from one of our mortgage brokers, John F., in Ohio.

Product used: Direct mail targeting VA refinance

5,000 direct mail pieces
45 inbound calls to date
10 applications to date

Highlights of the campaign that work well for John …
“Being able to customizing the filters to fit my programs worked better than the live transfers I have tried in the past where filters are set kind of low and can’t be changed.”

Highlights that could appeal to other loan officers or offices …
“Calls are more qualified by targeting a specific demographic and more of the prospects seem like they are ready to move quicker.”

Based in Medford, Ore., TagQuest Inc. is a full-service marketing firm developed throughout the ever-changing mortgage industry. Utilizing industry knowledge, marketing expertise, and technology we implement any or all aspects of your marketing and/or advertising campaigns. With a proven track record, more than 10 years in business, and decades of experience TagQuest knows what it takes to produce unprecedented results in today’s fast-paced mortgage environment. For more information, call (888) 717-8980 or visit

This article originally appeared in the June 2015 print edition of National Mortgage Professional Magazine. 

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