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Easy Mortgage Apps Announces Partnership With Optimal Blue
Apr 08, 2016
Optimal Blue has announced a technology partnership with Easy Mortgage Apps

Optimal Blue has announced a technology partnership with Easy Mortgage Apps to provide loan officers, real estate agents and consumers with the flexibility to utilize the Optimal Blue platform within a lender's native application, powered by Easy Mortgage Apps. The result is the ability to easily generate eligibility and rate quotes directly on preferred devices, including smartphones.

This integration represents a valuable opportunity for lenders to communicate vital information with all relevant parties, including product and rate information, as well as track application statuses and share time-sensitive data between loan officers and borrowers via mobile channels.

"Easy Mortgage Apps looks forward to building this partnership with industry leader, Optimal Blue, to offer all parties involved in the mortgage process a mobile-centric and more efficient way to instantly provide loan options for consumers," said Michael Kelleher, president and founder of Easy Mortgage Apps. "The result is a more engaged borrower. Companies who are looking to attract the millennial mortgage applicant need to review and evaluate mobile strategies designed to enhance the consumer experience, versus lead generation. We will continue to focus on developing strategic relationships with companies like Optimal Blue, which share the vision of a technically evolved lending industry."

"We're excited about this strategic alliance," said Mark Coupland, vice president of Business Development for Optimal Blue. "Easy Mortgage Apps shares our passion for creating new technology and mobile experiences that will continue to reduce friction in the lending process! The added transparency and clarity resulting from this strong integration will only further enhance the lending experience for lenders and consumers alike."

Apr 08, 2016
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