LoyaltyExpress Announces the Launch of MarketingCentral 2.0

January 24, 2017

LoyaltyExpress has announced the availability of MarketingCentral 2.0. MarketingCentral is best known for equipping lenders with a huge compilation of ready-to-use and custom-created marketing materials, which LoyaltyExpress prints, mails and/or e-mails to third-parties as requested by clients.

The new release of MarketingCentral will include:

►APR and mortgage insurance (MI) calculators for rate sheets and open house flyers;

►Social media badges and ads that can be uploaded directly to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles;

►Automated approval workflow for any materials that can be edited by a loan officer but need marketing and compliance sign-off before deployment or download;

►Easier access to third-party CRM systems and databases to eliminate data uploads for direct mail and e-mail campaigns;

►Support for single sign-on with internal systems;

►Multiple products packaged into a single offering (recruiting flyer with company information flyer and multiple marketing samples); and

►Availability of wide-format printing for yard signs and banners.

As part of the MarketingCentral service, LoyaltyExpress writers and graphic designers work with clients to create as much content as they desire, and fulfill any print, direct mail or e-mail from the system.

"Marketing departments are leveraging access to our writers and designers more and more every day as the race to stay relevant with the most up-to-date and compliant content becomes paramount," said Mary Beth Doyle, founder of LoyaltyExpress. "Our teams allow marketing professionals to work more strategically instead of manually, and these new enhancements will make their jobs even easier."