Releases Direct UCDP Integration

April 7, 2017 has integrated its Cloud Control appraisal management service into LendingQB (CVMS) has released a direct integration with the UCDP. CVMS worked hand in hand with the GSEs to ensure the integration meets their technical requirements.
The connection allows CVMS to send calls directly to the UCDP, as opposed to a third-party provider, offering faster summary submission report (SSR) delivery and more robust functionality for CVMS clients and appraiser partners.
"This is a great step towards our goal of transitioning from solely an appraisal management company to a comprehensive technology provider,” said Jacob Guertin, VP of Business Development at CVMS. “The direct integration enables us to offer features and increase efficiency in ways others simply can't."
In addition to the summary submission report workflows, CVMS interfaces also include access to UCDP Appraisal Sharing tools. These functions allow correspondents to share, or "designate," appraisals with their aggregators, streamlining a previously manual process. The Appraisal Sharing suite offers users the ability to manage their organization's aggregators and share appraisals individually or in batches.
"Ultimately, the industry is progressing and becoming increasingly focused on technology,” said Brian Coester, CEO of CVMS. “We want to be the one leading the way for our clients and this is the first of many steps in achieving that objective."