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ARMCO’s ACES Brings Efficiency to The Barrent Group’s Mortgage Quality Assurance Offering

Apr 27, 2017
ACES Risk Management (ARMCO) has announced that its ACES (Automated Compliance and Evaluation System) Audit Technology has streamlined quality control (QC) loan reviews for The Barrent Group

ACES Risk Management (ARMCO) has announced that its ACES (Automated Compliance and Evaluation System) Audit Technology has streamlined quality control (QC) loan reviews for The Barrent Group, a provider of outsourced loan quality assurance reviews and services. ARMCO’s solution reduces The Barrent Group’s auditing times, reduces risk, ensures compliance and streamlines its mortgage quality control process for clients.
ARMCO’s ACES Audit Technology is a QC audit technology that standardizes the various QC review steps throughout the entire process, ensuring that loans are always of the highest quality and are fully compliant. The Web-based solution establishes a flexible, secure and agile environment that puts clients like The Barrent Group in full control over their use of ACES, in order to increase QC productivity, allow for greater transparency, enhance client communications and provide detailed reporting.
“We are pleased that The Barrent Group is successfully leveraging ACES to provide QC technology that optimizes loan QC automation for each of their clients,” said Avi Naider, CEO of ARMCO. “ACES essentially becomes an extension of The Barrent Groups’ IT infrastructure, which empowers them to be fully self-sufficient and work with their clients to quickly identify and report on any loan defects. ACES’ ease-of-use and configurability enables The Barrent Group to flex with their clients’ changing needs, while operating more efficiently, cost effectively and with newfound agility.”
The Barrent Group provides independent third-party reviews, analysis and recommendations, with an emphasis on the risk and quality levels of residential mortgage loans. ARMCO’s ACES technology replaces The Barrent Group’s previous financial quality control and compliance software.
“ARMCO’s ACES technology performs the heavy lifting for us, to increase our service levels, facilitate quicker reviews, be cost effective and operate very efficiently,” said Richard Barrent, president and chief operating officer at The Barrent Group. “What’s more, the system’s ease of use and configurability empowers us to tailor QC solutions to our clients’ specific requirements, get them up and running quickly, always maintain data integrity and deliver second-to-none service. Ultimately, it is our clients who benefit from our ability to leverage ACES to efficiently review loans using agency and CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) audit guidelines, as well as design client-specific reporting.”

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Apr 27, 2017
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