PromonTech Debuts New AI Engine

PromonTech Debuts New AI Engine

September 18, 2018
Promontory Fulfillment Services LLC (PFS) has announced that its white-label mortgage origination platform has integrated with ComplianceEase’s automated compliance solution, ComplianceAnalyzer
PromonTech has announced the debut of a new income engine, Income AI. Income AI follows the company’s Point of Sale (POS) release—Borrower Wallet—and leverages augmented intelligence to learn from underwriters, resulting in faster, more compliant credit decisions.
“The cost to originate a loan has doubled over the last 10 years, and mortgage lenders need truly-innovative solutions to realize meaningful costs savings and productivity improvements. Our Income AI technology will produce accurate, reproducible, documented results and is the gateway to significantly reducing costs in the lending process,” said Tony Pietrocola, Head of Sales at PromonTech.
Income AI utilizes intelligent data captured through Borrower Wallet to automatically calculate qualified income using industry-standard formulas—resulting in up to 20 percent time/cost savings on complex credit decisions. When utilized with PromonTech's product suite, lenders can realize significant cost savings, while gaining unparalleled compliance throughout the loan process.
“Income AI is the next step towards realizing the near-term opportunities for augmented intelligence. PromonTech has created a platform that enriches data to be leveraged by AI and machine learning to help lenders continue to evolve to compete in the challenging market ahead,” says Michael Kolbrener, PromonTech’s Chief Technology Officer.