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Business Planning for 2019: Baby Boomers to Millennials

Jan 24, 2019

Effectively planning the growth of your business requires a solid marketing strategy. Who, what, when, where, why and how … the age-old questions that will “make or break” your marketing plan. Generational marketing will no longer be necessary for mortgage lenders to succeed in 2019.
Generational marketing requires that we consider the age of our target audience when developing content. This may seem like a straightforward concept, or one you consider in all your campaigns, but up until now, effectively targeting Baby Boomers and/or Millennials has proven difficult for most, often requiring extra work, time or money. The bottom line is your marketing needs to appeal to your target demographic, and age is a consideration.
So, how do you effectively appeal to such a wide range to both Baby Boomers and Millennials?
The answer is simple … the cutting-edge technology of today bridges the gap by dynamically changing the content! Using today’s technology, we can dynamically change the content of your marketing messages. Send a thousand different messages to a thousand different people, of different ages, and in different locations, all at the same time. The possibilities are endless. What once may have seemed overwhelming can now be accomplished easily.
Hot tip: What’s working best this holiday season?
Start with direct mail. Yes … direct mail! The response rates have been on the rise. Include it as the core of a multi-channel approach so you can pick your own criteria and get the phone ringing with qualified and interested prospects who want to talk with you.
Customer spotlight
Each month, we like to speak with our clients and find out how their campaigns are going. Here’s what we heard from Keith B., one of our mortgage pros in Maryland on the results of his multi-channel marketing campaign with direct mail at the core, and included telemarketing, e-mail and social media.
►Total mail pieces sent: 15,000
►Loans already closed: 19
►Loans still in the pipeline to close: Six
Highlights of campaign that work well for you …
“Clients call extremely interested with great loan amounts for a high ROI.”
Highlights of growth that could appeal to other Loan Officers or offices …
“In this market, it is great to have such interested borrowers that qualify based on the data we mail to, calling exclusively to us for a loan. With loan amounts well above average for the area, it makes for a nice return.”

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This article originally appeared in the December 2018 print edition of National Mortgage Professional Magazine.

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