New White Paper Considers FHA Claim Recoveries

New White Paper Considers FHA Claim Recoveries

August 7, 2019
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Dimont, a Dallas-based provider of specialty insurance and loan administration services to mortgage industry, has published the White Paper “Loss Analysis: Finding Causes of FHA Claim Recovery Shortfalls.”
According to the company, the White Paper focuses on the primary concerns facing servicers regarding Federal Housing Administration (FHA) home retention and disposition claims. These claims are cited as being among the most scrutinized and costly investor claims, the company added, with loan-level losses reaching as much as $9,000 per case. The White Paper also defined the critical best practices for mitigating the impediments to FHA claim recoveries.
“Servicers face immense risk and scrutiny when traversing the complex and highly scrutinized world of FHA claims, and it is important to understand why issues and shortfalls occur in the processing of these claims,” said Lynette Richter, vice president of investor claims at Dimont. “This White Paper is developed to provide analytical insights at all levels–from claim filing to the efforts of the servicers themselves–to provide best practices in fulfilling FHA claims.”