Black Knight Introduces Customer Service Solution

Black Knight Introduces Customer Service Solution

October 16, 2020
Customer service rep working from home.

Black Knight Inc.'s latest Customer Service solution is now integrated with its MSP servicing system, allowing service representatives to obtain highly personalized information about customers' loans, homes and neighborhoods, according to a press release.

"The addition of Customer Service to our suite of integrated servicing solutions delivers a powerful end-user experience and gives customer service representatives an easy way to quickly and completely address callers' inquiries," said Joe Nackashi, president, Black Knight.

With Customer Service, a representative is able to access an overview of the loan, a snapshot of the last 30 days and the next 90 days of key activities on the loan, pending payments, escrow information and waiver eligibility. Service will also be able to see if the customer is eligible for special offerings such as a home equity line of credit, a cash-out or rate/term refinance or a second mortgage, according to the report.

"This solution will greatly enhance the way service professionals engage with consumers in the future for a better overall customer and agent experience," added Nackashi. 


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