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LBA Ware And Produce New Customer Satisfaction Integration

Navi Persaud
Sep 28, 2021
Synechron Inc. and Paradatec have announced a strategic partnership and licensing agreement that will reduce costs and increase productivity for mortgage originators and servicers through more accurate document automation

LBA Ware's LimeGear is now integrated with to provide customers with a new way to track customer satisfaction as a key performance indicator in LBA Ware's LimeGear BI platform.

The customer satisfaction KPI allows lenders to measure the customer experience as rated by borrowers, co-borrowers, real estate agents, and other parties to a loan across the home financing journey and incorporate it into the performance evaluations of branch locations and individuals across the lending organization.

“With this integration, our customers will gain a more well-rounded view of their organization’s performance through customer feedback,” said LBA Ware founder and CEO Lori Brewer. “It’s not always easy to convert customer feedback into actionable data, but by working with, LBA Ware has found a way to not only standardize the data but also to allow lenders to customize which data points to track and when to track them.”

The customer satisfaction KPI resides within LimeGear’s performance management dashboard. Because LBA Ware’s partnership with tracks customer feedback surveys by loan number, lenders can tie customer experience to performance scorecards for loan officers, processors, branch locations and more. As with LimeGear’s other KPIs, lenders can assign a relative weight to the customer experience metric as part of an overall performance score. Role-based scorecards provide an at-a-glance view of how employees rank among their peers for volume, units, and other configurable conditions.

“Nearly every lender deploys some kind of post-close survey to track customer satisfaction, but many lack a way to integrate the results into business intelligence,” said senior vice president of Partnerships, Craig Pollack. “For lenders currently measuring the performance of loan officers and other team members purely on volume and profitability metrics, there is often a blind spot of including customer satisfaction as a trackable metric. This integration removes that blind spot and gives lenders a look at the bigger picture of performance as well as the ability to refine future customer satisfaction surveys as the picture comes into focus.”

Sep 28, 2021
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