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The world of social media...

Andrew T. Berman
Jun 03, 2019

There are many people who put more effort into getting “likes” than they do pursuing their own lives.⁣
Almost every social media company hires attention engineers. Their entire job is to design their platform in a way that keeps people engaged so that they keep posting and chasing likes.
Most people are oblivious to how compulsive their behavior is as a result of this conditioning. Social algorithms understand your behavior better than you do.⁣
Marketing today is algorithms. People are designing very smart systems these days that will enslave you if you aren’t paying attention…⁣
If you don’t manage modern life, it will manage you.⁣
Social media can be utilized in many ways. You can reach lots of people with your message through technology that wasn't available before.
So, there are great things that come with social media and technology, but there is a dark side to everything. ⁣
There is no perfect system that is ‘all good’ with no disadvantages.⁣
Most people don’t use technology; technology uses them.⁣
Most people don’t use social media; they are used by it.⁣
Most people don’t own the things they own; the stuff owns them.⁣
If you internally take care of yourself, you won’t feel like your self-worth and self-esteem equates to the number of likes or followers you have.⁣
P.S. Want some help with how to best use social media as a Loan Officer (the same strategies that have us as one of the top mortgage branches in the nation), that literally takes me minutes a day to put in place? Schedule a private session here, and I'll give you the step by step process of how we do it.
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