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NYLX offers product and pricing technology in Byte Software
Jun 08, 2009

Byte Software, a provider of loan origination software for banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers, has partnered with NYLX to provide product eligibility and best execution loan pricing technology to its customer base. Through Byte Software’s partner program, ByteLink, NYLX has created a seamless interface to access product and pricing information for mortgage loans while in BytePro. Now, with the NYLX integration, Byte Software customers will have instant access to a leading provider of real-time lender rates and guidelines. The NYLX integration leverages its LoanDecisions solution platform, delivering benefits at multiple levels. BytePro users benefit from multi-investor/multi-product pricing displays and accurate Investor data, enabling quick reaction to live market conditions. Management benefits from control and optimization of locks based on price and revenue targets, helping to achieve profit goals and competitive advantage. Now, this complete functionality will be delivered through a seamless user interface. John Alexander, president of NYLX states, “The new integration between NYLX and Byte Software provides banks, credit unions and mortgage companies with enhanced functionality that enables loan officers to make faster and more effective decisions at the point of sale. A seamless user experience delivers best execution eligibility and pricing, helping loan officers prioritize their pipeline and more aggressively target high value prospects. This joint solution leverages the NYLX universal integration platform and offers significant value and bottom line impact for NYLX and Byte Software mutual customers.” NYLX is available now in BytePro Standard, BytePro Enterprise and BytePro Online. Customers can sign up for NYLX solutions by contacting NYLX. Current BytePro customers using NYLX now have instant access to product eligibility and best-execution loan pricing within BytePro, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and reducing the time to process a loan. For more information, visit or
Jun 08, 2009
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