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Flagstar Bank Triples Wholesale Customer Responses With E-mail Marketing Campaign

Nov 13, 2012

Flagstar Bank has announced that they have tripled wholesale customer service survey responses since January with marketing campaigns powered by global interactive marketing provider ExactTarget and Salesforce.com. Using ExactTarget's seamless integration with Salesforce.com, Flagstar leverages data housed in Salesforce.com to automatically populate and send a series of automated, personalized ExactTarget-powered emails. "Our e-mails are much more than just open and click rates- it's about managing, communicating and engaging with our customers," said Charlie Johnson, vice president at Flagstar Bank and Salesforce.com administrator. "With ExactTarget and Salesforce, we are able to provide timely, relevant information allowing us to build relationships and gain new insight into other aspects of our customers' businesses in order to serve them better." Following an interaction on Flagstar Bank's business-to-business Web site, the customer's contact information is automatically logged in Salesforce.com. Using ExactTarget's marketing automation capabilities integrated with Salesforce.com, Flagstar automatically creates and sends a series of seven ExactTarget-powered emails over 35 days focused on various topics including training, technology, regulatory licenses and a customer service survey. "In today's hyper-connected world, marketers must provide consumers relevant, engaging content that drives consumer interaction," said Tim Kopp ExactTarget's chief marketing officer. "With ExactTarget, Flagstar Bank is unlocking the power of its data using Salesforce.com to create a new customer experience that provides highly relevant and effective interactive marketing." A recent study from ExactTarget found more than 75 percent of consumers prefer to receive marketing messages via e-mail and 66 percent have made a purchase based on an email marketing message. Featured in ExactTarget's 2012 Channel Preference Survey, the study surveyed nearly 1,500 Americans to understand how they prefer to communicate with brands and with friends.
Nov 13, 2012
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