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The Four Elements of a Perfect Marketing Plan

Joy Gendusa
Dec 05, 2013

Every business needs marketing in order to grow, and mortgage professionals are no exception. Investing in effective marketing strategies grows your business by attracting more clients, building the loyalty of your current clients, and building your company’s brand in general. Looking into marketing can be daunting for some business owners, so let me show you the 4 elements you should definitely be implementing in order to put together the most complete marketing plan possible. Combining these four elements will bring your company the best marketing results. Let’s look at each of these elements … 1. Use postcard marketing as your go-to marketing avenue First and foremost, you have to get your marketing message out to your prospects using an effective marketing method. Postcard marketing is a time-tested way to generate leads and expand a company’s clientele. This is done through the use of targeted mailing lists. For example, only sending your postcards to homeowners who have a total household income of less than $50,000. Targeting specific groups of prospects will generate the quality leads you can turn into loyal clients. You can also use postcards to keep your current clients choosing your company for their mortgage service needs. Marketing is about bolstering every aspect of your client base—both prospective and current. In order to steadily grow your business you need to use postcard marketing to achieve both these goals. 2. Use mail tracking to stay ahead of the results your marketing brings Some postcard marketing companies offer a tracking service for their postcard mailings. This allows you to stay ahead of the curve with your marketing efforts. Your postcards WILL generate leads for your company, so you want to make sure you are prepared to handle them. Mail tracking gives you the opportunity to know exactly when your postcards will be in prospects’ mailboxes, so you can prepare for the influx of new leads. Timing is important here, because not preparing and preparing too early can both be drags on your marketing return on investment. 3. Use online follow-up tools to convert more leads So your postcards have been designed, sent out, and tracked right into your prospects’ mailboxes. That means you’re done, right? Not quite. In fact, it’s only just beginning. One of the most important elements of sales is follow-up. Your postcard marketing will generate leads, but in order to keep from slipping through your fingers you have to follow-up with them. There are many online resources for prospect follow-up, but the best one in my experience is Google Remarketing. Google Remarketing is an online tool that allows you to implement automatic follow-up that is targeted directly for your online prospects. Google Remarketing tags any visitor to your Web site, and can tell if they did or did not take the action step you desired. You can choose to have it check if your prospects fill out your contact form, make an appointment, download a free report, or anything else that you want them to do. If they leave your site without fulfilling the requirement, Google will show them targeted ads based on that desired action step. It will do so until they return to your site and take the step you designated. These ads are displayed on any site the prospect visits within the Google Display Network. This network includes high traffic sites like,, and All of this happens automatically after you set it up, and you don’t pay a cent until a prospect actually clicks on your ad. 4. Use response tracking to continually improve your results The last element—call tracking—is a tool that empowers you, the business owner, to be in full control of your marketing. It gives you the response data you need to continually improve your marketing results with each campaign. This data is gathered through the phone responses your postcards generate. A routing phone number is used on your postcard, which forwards calls to your office phone. This routing number acts as a filter, tracking your phone responses for each campaign. This lets you see how different design or copywriting tweaks affect your response. It also records your phone calls, so you can quality check the reception and sales processes your prospects encounter upon calling your company. Key points: ►Postcard marketing is a time-tested method for generating leads. ►Mail tracking helps you prepare for the influx of new clients in a cost-efficient manner. ►Google Remarketing follows up with online prospects that don’t respond right away. ►Phone response tracking empowers you to continually improve your marketing results. This advice is based on 15 years of trial and error with my own postcard marketing company. That is how I know it is proven to work. Good luck! Joy Gendusa is chief executive officer and founder of PostcardMania. She began PostcardMania in 1998 with nothing but a phone and a computer and zero investment capital. By 2008, revenues reached nearly $19 million and the company now employs more than 150 people, prints four million and mails two million postcards each week representing more than 40,000 customers in over 350 industries. For more information, call (800) 628-1804, ext. 342.
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