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Carrington Mortgage's Wholesale Division Eliminates Underwriting Fee
Oct 08, 2014

The Wholesale Lending Division of Carrington Mortgage Services LLC has announced that it has eliminated its underwriting fee in its Wholesale Division in support of Carrington’s commitment to serving the underserved borrower for the broker community. Effective immediately, without an underwriting fee, brokers will experience an easier, more direct path to disclose and fund loans in a compliant fashion, offering consumers a more efficient process. The elimination of the underwriting fee aligns with the company’s focus to accelerate and further enhance its ability to give the underserved market the attention it deserves.

“In an increasingly competitive lending environment, organizations like Carrington are standing out and succeeding by being in a position to offer additional easy to use and efficient services to the broker community, along with a predictable level of service,” said Ray Brousseau, executive vice president of Carrington Mortgage Services LLC’s Mortgage Lending Division. “Eliminating the underwriting fee simplifies the process for mortgage brokers, providing more of an opportunity to focus on meeting the needs of consumers, while delivering on Carrington’s service proposition.”

Oct 08, 2014