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Velocify Announces New CRM Tool
Oct 22, 2014

Velocify, a provider of cloud-based intelligent sales automation software, has announced it is now offering to mortgage lenders Velocify for Salesforce, a unique application that integrates high-velocity sales tools into the market-leading CRM technology. Velocify for Salesforce extends the value of Salesforce by removing the guesswork for loan officers on the highest priority borrowers and increasing the number of contacts lenders make with potential borrowers, thereby helping lenders reach and exceed their sales goals.

Matt Baker, a senior loan advisor with the Bookspan Baker Team of Cobalt Mortgage based in Scottsdale, Ariz., and an early adopter of Velocify for Salesforce, says the solution has helped his 12-person team create a winning call strategy while eliminating gaps in the company's contact rate and in-process mortgage applications.

“Our biggest gap was in the sales opportunity stage,” Baker said. “We didn’t have a great system that could tell us, ‘Hey, call these people again.' Velocify for Salesforce solved that problem for us by making sure everybody was accountable in the lead and application process. It's having a direct impact on our bottom line.”

Key features of Velocify for Salesforce include:

►Dynamic Lead Distribution and Re-Distribution, ensuring that high-priority leads receive immediate response and that the right leads go to the loan officers best suited to convert them;

Automated Guided Selling, which makes certain that leads are followed up consistently and that the right steps in the mortgage sales process are followed correctly, every time;

►Intelligent Activity Prioritization, which provides loan officers and branch managers with a single, automatically updated view into their daily activities, with all tasks ranked in order of importance, and

►Top Funnel Insights that allow mortgage sales managers to measure, coach, and optimize loan officer performance and their overall sales processes.

"Salesforce is an excellent tool for sales professionals, but due to the longer sales cycles involved with selling home loans, most mortgage companies need something more,” said Kelly Booth, mortgage division director for Velocify. “Velocify for Salesforce recognizes that not all leads are created equal. Some are referrals, some come from higher-valued sources or are pre-qualified for a loan. The value varies, and the process for how to handle them does as well. Velocify for Salesforce ensures every lead is handled in the right way, that potential roadblocks are eliminated quickly so that mortgage companies can convert more borrower leads into closed loans.”

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