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LendingQB and OptifiNow Join Efforts to Enhance Closed-Loop Integration
May 21, 2018
Finicity has announced an integration with LendingQB

LendingQB and OptifiNow have announced the enhancement of its closed-loop sales approach available to mortgage lenders for faster and smarter revenue generation.
LendingQB and OptifiNow have announced the enhancement of its closed-loop sales approach available to mortgage lenders for faster and smarter revenue generation
The integration will enable lenders to track and monitor leads from onboarding to closed loans. LendingQB’s robust API allows OptifiNow to collect key-metric data allowing lenders to ensure the borrower experience is favorable and consistent. OptifiNow can alert Loan Officers of origination issues and/or trigger touchpoints to borrowers or partners to keep them informed. Management can now measure and monitor what sales and marketing activities are driving closed loans, and drive a continuous process improvement in the sales and marketing teams. With OptifiNow’s goal tracking capability, the management team can establish goals for the loan officer or branch and have near real time reporting to monitor progress.
The partnership between LendingQB and OptifiNow creates a “closed-loop” sales approach that ensures front-end sales and marketing have visibility into the entire mortgage process, providing the data for more effective marketing and tracking of leads. Lenders can better target and harvest repeat lending opportunities using less resources due to OptifiNow’s automation capabilities.
“The closed-loop approach for lenders is vital to continuously improve their processes and efficiently grow their businesses,” said John McGee, President of OptifiNow. “By enhancing our integration with LendingQB, we are enabling lenders to better evaluate the manner in which they set their goals, measure their success and understand which sales & marketing practices work best.”

May 21, 2018
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