Cloudvirga Adds Digital Mortgage Integration Through Radian

Cloudvirga Adds Digital Mortgage Integration Through Radian

August 8, 2018
CIS has announced their credit reports are now integrated on CloudVirga’s digital mortgage platform
Cloudvirga has partnered with Radian Guaranty, a subsidiary of Radian Group, to deliver instant and accurate mortgage insurance (MI) rate quotes and streamline the ordering of MI certificates for lenders.
“Radian’s partnership with Cloudvirga is a testament of our commitment to making it easier for our customers to do with business with us,” said Brien McMahon, Chief Franchise Officer, Radian. “With this integration, customers can obtain accurate Radian MI rate quotes with greater speed and efficiency and continue to focus on their business.”
The advanced integration with Cloudvirga delivers Radian’s precise MI pricing in seconds, without the need for lenders to rekey data or leave Cloudvirga’s Consumer POS or Enterprise POS systems.
“Our focus is on helping lenders perfect the process of manufacturing loans, so they can turn applicants into homeowners faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before,” said Kyle Kamrooz, Co-Founder of Cloudvirga. “We’re proud to partner with Radian to deliver the most precise loan calculations available in the market.”