Roostify Launches Roostify Adapt Functionality to Extend Branding and Customization Options

Roostify Launches Roostify Adapt Functionality to Extend Branding and Customization Options

August 16, 2018
Roostify has announced the finalization of its integration with Docutech
Roostify has released Roostify Adapt, a configurable feature for lenders with complex workflows, allowing for real-world process management while maintaining the power of primary and secondary (parent/child) accounts within the Roostify digital lending environment.
Roostify Adapt significantly enhances the Roostify platform’s parent/child account hierarchy tools, particularly around lender employees who work across multiple accounts. Lenders may now create child accounts that follow a regional or business-unit structure, and at the same time allow loan officers, processors and other members of the mortgage team to work seamlessly across those regions or business units.
“The enhancement has helped to simplify our implementation for one of our most complex business channels by allowing users to have access to multiple accounts,” said Sarah Boultinghouse, Business Architect and Process Improvement Manager, Colonial. “In an account structure that supports hundreds of accounts, this enhancement has been a critical factor in our continued implementation success, providing both user and admin friendly functionality to navigate through accounts with ease, further enabling our ability to deliver a superior customer experience.”
Roostify Adapt is part of a Roostify’s customizable enterprise lending platform. Besides offering branding flexibility with multi-tiered accounts, the Roostify platform offers robust integrations to meet lenders’ evolving needs and provide world-class security and compliance. The Roostify platform streamlines the lending process and increases collaboration, decreasing costs and time-to-close.
“Digital lending has quickly evolved into an industry imperative,” said Rajesh Bhat, Chief Executive Officer of Roostify. “Roostify continues to lead the way in building world-class enterprise capabilities to allow our customers to rethink how they digitally acquire customers and originate loans. Adapt is one of many powerful solution differentiators that separate Roostify from the crowd.”