Capsilon Launches Capsilon IQ Platform

Capsilon Launches Capsilon IQ Platform

September 18, 2018
Capsilon has partnered with Blue Sage to automate key steps in the loan origination process
Capsilon has announced the release of its Capsilon IQ platform and Capsilon Data Audit app, as well as the rebrand of DocVelocity.
Formerly known as DocVelocity, Capsilon IQ evolved from enterprise-wide document management to an end-to-end mortgage automation engine, combining Intelligent Process Automation with data recognition and extraction technology to create efficiencies at every stage of the mortgage lifecycle. Capsilon IQ enables companies to create intelligent work experiences that make people more productive and existing systems more powerful.
Capsilon’s new Data Audit app frees up staff time spent searching for docs and data, providing a single place to see and compare data across sources, including the LOS and supporting documents. Capsilon Data Audit flags data mismatches for review so staff can instantly spot where supporting documents and data don’t match.